by perksofbeingcharley

Dear Friend,
                 I obviously have the incapability to remember I was going to do this once a week, almost a month has passed but February was so mundane. I am currently studying for GCSE’s probably one of the worst decisions of my life was to attempt to achieve A* in every single one, which isn’t going very well especially as I have neglected my two biggest loves; sleep and food. 
I guess thats why I am not being committed to my blogging. I want to be more committed though, I feel that its nice that I can be almost completely anonymous and vent at the world. Obviously you know my name is Charley, on the other hand you know no other “baggage” as I like to call it. I think its easier to open up to people who don’t know a thing about you. But just so you know, I am the most boring person you would ever meet. I don’t do anything I sit at home every weekend and I never go out, with the exception of yesterday. My grandparents took us all out for Chinese which was nice and I have finally found a friend in chopsticks, but to be honest I would have rather of had a takeaway and sat in my room on my laptop listening to music then maybe I could have talked to you? 
Love Always,